Delock Woven Sleeve with zip fasterner 2 m x 25 mm black




This woven sleeve by Delock can be used to bundle exposed cables, electrical tubes or wires to protect them from dirt or damage. It consists of special continuous fibres (multifilament) and thus offers increased flame resistance and abrasion resistance.

Integrated zip fastener
Due to the simple and easy handling of the zip fastener, the cables can be added and removed several times.
• Length: ca. 2 m
• Diameter: ca. 25 mm
• Bundle diameter: max. 27 mm
• Environmental temperature: -50 °C ~ 150 °C
• Reusable
• Material: polyester multifilament
• Fire-resistance rating: VW-1
• Colour: black
Package content:
• Woven sleeve
Data sheet:

Cable ties / clips

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