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  • 61570

    The PCMCIA adapter to Express Card enables you to use Express Cards 34 mm. Just insert the adapter into your standard PCMCIA slot and upgrade your notebook with the latest Express Card standard. Thus you can expand your notebook by additional ports, e.g. USB, Card Reader etc.

  • 61604

    Description The Delock PCMCIA adapter expands your notebook by two USB 2.0 ports. You can connect USB devices like digital camera, printer, scanner, keyboard, mouse, speakers, modem, MP3 player, card reader etc. to the adapter.

  • 61611

    The Gigabit CardBus card provides a network connection with a data transfer rate of up to 1000 Mb/s.

  • 61622

    Description The Delock PCMCIA adapter, CardBus to serial expands your notebook by one serial port. You can connect serial devices like scanner, printer, mice, modems, etc. to the adapter. Specification • 1 x RS-232 9 pin DB9 connector • 32-Bit CardBus type II • Data transfer rate up to 115.2 Kbps • Plug & PlaySystem requirements • Windows...

  • 89322

    The Delock PCI card enables you to use PCMCIA cards on your computer. You can use either 16-Bit PC-Card or 32-Bit CardBus cards.



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