Delock Heat Shrink Tube 1 m x 25.4 mm Shrinkage Ratio 4:1 black




This heat shrink tube by Delock is used to protect and to insulate cables, electrical tubes or wires. Under the effect of heat, the sleeve completely encloses the cable and shrinks. This protects the cable from the effects of the influence of weather and mechanical damage.

Shrinkage ratio 4:1
The tube shrinks to a quarter of its original diameter when heated. A hot air gun is the ideal way to shrink the tubing.

Multifunctional application
The heat shrink tube can be used e.g. in a workshop or in the industry.
• Length: ca. 1 m
• Diameter: ca. 25.4 mm
• Shrinkage ratio 4:1
• Shrinking temperature: 70 °C ~ 125 °C
• Material: polyolefin
• Colour: black
Package content:
• Heat shrink tube
Data sheet:

Cable ties / clips

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