Delock RJ45 Crimp+Cut Toolkit




With this toolkit by Delock and the matching Crimp+Cut connectors, a network cable can quickly and easily be connected to an RJ45 plug.
The RJ45 Crimp+Cut plug allows leading the wires out to the front; this speeds up the installation and the wiring order can be checked. At the same time, the performance is improved because the wire pair remains twisted close to the connector. When crimping, all wires are contacted simultaneously and the excess cable ends are cut off.
System requirements:
• Delock RJ45 Crimp+Cut plug
• Metal pliers with plastic handles and lock
• Built-in cutter and stripper
• Also suitable for conventional RJ45 and RJ12 plugs
• Colour: blue / black
• Dimensions (LxWxH): ca. 21.2 x 6.5 x 2.3 cm
Package content:
• Crimp+Cut tool
• 2 x replacement blade
• 20 x RJ45 Crimp+Cut plug Cat.5e UTP (Delock 86451)
• 20 x RJ45 Crimp+Cut plug Cat.6 STP (Delock 86454)
• 40 x Strain Relief Boot for RJ45 Crimp+Cut plug (Delock 86455)
• User manual
Data sheet:


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