HOBBES LANtest Multinetwork PoE Cable Tester




  • Easy verification for cabling faults including discontinuity, open wires, shorts (short-circuited - wire/wire or wire/shield - connections), miswiring and crossed pairs is quickly detected with the LANtest’s unique LED display
  • Wiring configuration for Cat5, coaxial and modular telephone cables by comparing one transmitting end to another receiving end
  • Continuity testing of coax cables with BNC connectors and 8-pole data lines w. fitted RJ-45 connectors
  • A two-line display (LEDs) indicates sequentially which pin of the RJ-45 connector at cable end A is connected with which pin at cable end B and manual or automatic switch advancing is possible; in the case of a short-circuit more than two LEDs light up simultaneously
  • The device has 2 RJ-45 sockets; with the supplied Remote Kit cables laid in the wall can also be tested
  • Two adapter cables (BNC/RJ-45) are supplied for testing coax cables
  • Check the existence of PoE in a second
  • Identifies the type of PSE, whether the PoE voltage is detected on the pair 12-36 (Endspan), or on the 45-78 (Midspan)
  • Compliant with IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at standard
  • Battery (not included in delivery): 1x E-block 9V (6LR61/AM-6)

Caution: Do not connect cable testers to devices during operation

Product groupTester
Product typeCable tester
Weight274.9 g
Current catalog editionC21-08.04

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