Delock PCI Express 4.0 x8 Card to 2 x internal SFF-8654 4i NVMe - Bifurcation - Low Profile Form Factor




This PCI Express card by Delock expands the PC by two SFF-8654 interfaces. SSDs with e.g. U.2 interface can be connected to these ports by using an optional cable. The card transmits PCI Express signals using the NVMe protocol.

PCIe Bifurcation
The card requires the PCIe bifurcation of the motherboard to split the PCIe signal in order to use multiple ports.

Without PCIe bifurcation only the first SFF-8654 port of the card can be used.
System requirements:
• Linux Kernel 5.8 or above
• Windows 8.1/8.1-64/10/10-64
• Windows Server 2019
• PC with one free PCI Express x8 / x16 / x32 slot
• Motherboard and BIOS with PCIe bifurcation support
• Connectors:
  2 x 38 pin SFF-8654 4i female
  1 x PCI Express x8, V4.0
• Supports NVM Express (NVMe)
• Data transfer rate up to 64 Gbps
• 2 x LED indicator
• Bootable, ex UEFI version 2.3.1
• Supports S.M.A.R.T.
• Supports TRIM
• Humidity: 15 ~ 90 %
• Operating temperature: 5 °C ~ 50 °C
• Storage temperature: -25 °C ~ 70 °C
Package content:
• PCI Express card
• Low profile bracket
• User manual
Data sheet:

PCI Express

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